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Olivier de Molin

Olivier de Molina

Olivier de Molina, is of old European decent and was raised between Switzerland and the South of Spain. Born into a wonderful supporting multi-cultural family, he was taught the appreciation for the finer things in life from a very early age on.

His studies in Music took him from the Academy in Lucerne to New York, where he took master classes with Rufus Mueller. To support his love for Music, he started working at a small Saddler atelier where he learned the ancient ways of leather working and the appreciation for proper craftsmanship.

Surrounded by antiques another passion of his got nurtured by starting to work for Sotheby's for several years , where he was able to look into different departments, furniture, silver, ceramics as well as jewellery, which laid the foundation to his work in interior and jewellery design.

Being a very creative person he never concentrated on a single pass in life, which prepared him for his newest venture OdM Art&Lifestyle Ltd. a combination of all his different loves.