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O.d.M. Art&Lifstyle Ltd.

O.d.M .Art&Lifstyle Ltd. founded by Olivier de Molina, is the result of a lifelong quest for beauty in its many different ways. From music to antiques, over design of jewellery, leather goods to interiors. Based in Hong Kong his mission is to create a dialogue between East and West, in continuation of its century old tradition of influencing each others styles.

The wide range of services provided by O.d.M. includes:
- Design of luxury leather goods, jewellery and clothing
- Interior/Home design
- Musical Soirees, vocal coaching

Our style can be described as, classic and timeless adapted for the needs of the modern urban gentlemen, who is in search of classic yet contemporary beauty.

Its product range includes fine leather goods in luxuries crocodile, ostrich, calf leathers and lamb suede from Italy as well as the finest Goat skins from France, for such as wallets, phone- and laptop- covers, etc. and the "hold it all" bags as well as a more sportive line in lamb-suede with leather trimmings.

The jewellery mostly in silver and silver-gilt are set with champagne/grey coloured diamonds and precious stones, ranges from cufflinks, dress sets, bangles and bracelets which combine the fine leather goods and jewellery.

Some of out products are also available at the following boutiques:
- Lane Crawford, Podium 3, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
- Brogues and More, Talstrasse 20, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

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